Falconry Experiences

Experience the thrill of flying these magnificent Hawks under professional guidance, get the opportunity to fly owls also!


Why not give your special day a magical and majestic touch and having your rings delivered to you by our Barn Owl.

V.I.P Falconry Experiences

Get the ultimate VIP experience with our expert Falconer and learn a few basic techniques of Falconry along the way.

Welcome to Go-Active

Our walks take place within the Nottinghamshire countryside on the edge of Sherwood Forest, flying the birds in open countryside and the natural woods and copses found within this area. During the walk the Hawks are flown from your fist whilst they naturally follow on through the trees and open air. The walk uses footpaths and bridleways and our private farmland offering a true private and personal experience in our remote location. We do advise on appropriate clothing to suit the time of year so please follow our advice regarding footwear and other outdoor clothing to ensure your experience is as comfortable and pleasurable as possible. The footpaths and fields can get muddy and slippery in bad weather.

The main focus of this experience will be upon the most versatile and favourite amongst UK falconers, the Harris’ Hawk. This beautiful species is a medium sized raptor and extremely versatile, tolerant and has the added advantage in that it is one of the few birds of prey that can be flown with other members of the same species. These birds are known for hunting in packs and work well as a team.

What a Hawk Walk Entails

After introductions you will be provided with a hawking vest and glove which is always worn on the left hand. The Hawks are prepared whilst you are shown how to call and hold them correctly. The walk lasts approximately 1 hour during which the Hawks are flown from your fist whilst they naturally follow on through the trees and open air. The walks are completely bespoke and are unhurried ensuring all members of the course have plenty of handling and flying time with the birds.

There will also be plenty of opportunity to ask any questions, and with the birds flying and landing so close around you there are numerous photographic opportunities.

At the end of the hawk walk you will be given the opportunity to handle and photograph our other birds of prey including hawks, falcons owls and eagles.

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